(EN) Visiting Bergamo

About us
We are a Gay association based in Bergamo that aimed to sensitize the people on civil rights issues. We are structured in projects that covers differents area:

– school and students information, sensitization on issues like bullying and discrimination.

– healt: STD prevention, no-discrimination rules.

– immigration and different culture good rules.

– young and the different perseption for young guys for what concern all the gay issues.

Moreover, we try to promote social initiatives between gay, like gay movie projection eventually followed by discussion, weekly happy hours, weekly meeting.

The scope of this page is to provide to visitors in Bergamo some information on:

– where to find us and partecipate to our project

– where to find a place to stay/sleep (apt, hotels, B&B)

– where to eat: gay friendy restaurants

– where to drink something, have fun

Our City
Bergamo is a city in Lombardy, Italy about 40 km northeast of Milan. The city is home to over 120,000 inhabitants. It is served by the Il Caravaggio Airport, which also serves Milans metropolitan area. The foothills of the Alps begin immediately north of the town.
Mountains and lakes are the natural panorama of our city, that are the main actraction for tourist and visitor.
If you are interested in moutains, located near Bergamo is Alpinisti Gay Bresciani a group of Gay mountains lovers.

More info about the city: Bergamo

where and when to find us
You can find us almost every thursday in our headquater in Bergamo. The better way to find us is always to contact us before by email or by phone.

You can find our contacts information in homepage (phone, address, email, and facebook account)

where to find a place to stay (gayfriendly)

B&B Fanzago
Galleria Cosimo Fanzago, 32
24121 – Bergamo
Tel. +39 334 8022245
web: http://www.bebfanzago.it/

Fragolino Bed And Breakfast
Via Bono, 25
24121 Bergamo
Tel. +39 3349038874 or +393459198482

where to eat: gay friendy restaurant

Osteria dei cuochi disperati
via Giacomo Venezian, 6
24068 Seriate (BG)
Tel: 035 5290826
Web: http://www.osteriadeicuochidisperati.it

where to drink something, have fun

Mamo’s American Bar
Crowded by gay and lesbian,
a nice place to have a drink.
via Baschenis 13/A
tel. 035.270014
web: http://www.mamos.it/

Bar Divina
kitsch atmosphere- Drag shows
via Borgo Santa Caterina 1/E
tel 035.657428
web: http://www.bardivina.it/

City Sauna
via Clementina 8
Tel: 035.240418
web: http://www.thecitysauna.com/